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Grow Your Business
MDW Design LTD believes that good ideas and outstanding work deserves to truly stand out. We help businesses, brands, products, agencies and creators with exposure.

Our PR & Media amplification campaigns do exactly that with guaranteed placement on over 350 different news and media sites
Press Releases & Blog Features
Press Releases & Blog Features

Get featured in articles and blogs across our press syndication of over 350 different News Channels and sites.

Includes ABC, NBC, FOX, CW and many more!

Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting

Tactics without strategy is a slow defeat.

We don’t subscribe to defeating or limiting beliefs, neither should you.

Marketing Amplification Campaigns
Marketing Amplification Campaigns

Word of mouth only goes so far.

To really grow your business your potential customers need to know about you, they need to have a positive view of your services and you should be on the tip of their tongue when they have a need.

MDW Design LTD can help you develop a marketing plan and launch a monthly amplification campaign on our media network.

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Manifest sustainable lifestyle with your creative passions!

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Not everything is lost when you can call MDW Design LTD
Our business was on the wrong side of the growth curve and I was running out of options. MDW Design LTD independent advice gave me a sounding board. I know I was initially throwing darts at it, then my head but eventually I began to see the writing on the wall wasn't all bad and we turned a corner.
— Paul
Complete satisfaction
Complete satisfaction
I run my own business and have to say I'm not the most organised. Receipts here, reports there. My job is to create great art, not worry about the future. But I now don't need to. MDW DESIGN LTD is a dream boat and supports me totally in doing this.
— Pauline
It's not just about the service, it's the people as well.
MDW DESIGN LTD has lead a couple of projects for me. We have standing desks in the office and we often loose him but his accent is infectious and makes a huge difference to morale, ending up with projects actually being delivered ahead of time.
— Sarah
Meet The Founder
M Dallas W
M Dallas W

Dallas is an author, producer and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California. He is passionate about helping his fellow creators get their work discovered by leveraging his connections and providing access to an invaluable resource for real exposure.

His expertise include all things related to music and business strategy and has worked with many creatives and business owners around the world.

He strives to always FEEDBACK,


Educate &

Empower the

Development of


Artists &

Creators of all